About Us

Welcome to WesternBirder.com

We specialize in birding and associated natural history in the western U.S. and Canada. We will try our best to give you with:

  • writings and images by nationally acclaimed authors and photographers for the advanced, intermediate and backyard birder;
  • useful information on birding excursions (including regional maps, advice on where to stay and dine, and recommended single- and multi-day trips in a certain area);
  • timely information on regional and federal legislation which may affect birding habitat;
  • updated environmental news;
  • news about western birding organizations and activities;
  • articles on plants, animals (including butterflies, dragonflies, etc.), and the environment relating to birding in a given area, while placing a strong emphasis on resource conservation.

We appreciate the interest you’ve shown in our new website. In future months, WesternBirder.com will offer you the absolute finest photographs, articles, news about planned events, and connections to other birding and natural history websites.

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